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Quality Control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Testing assures Modified Atmosphere Packaging integrity

Performance characteristics of Modified Atmosphere Packages are easily tested to assure that packages meet quality standards. Convenient, reliable and easy-to-use gas analysers, gas mixers, gas control solutions, permeability testers and package leak detectors are available. MAP package testers evaluate, measure, adjust, control and test the modified atmosphere package environment.

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Random package testing

Spot testing instruments can check, measure and analyse the amount of “head-space” air between the product and the package substrate within a random sampling of packages. Random MAP testing is typically done at pre-set intervals throughout the packaging operation to assure consistency. Spot testers, which rely on built-in air collection pumps to prevent atmospheric air from entering the package, offer immediate readings.

Hand-held headspace gas analysers offer a fast check on oxygen or oxygen and carbon dioxide gas combinations within representative package samples.

Gas analysers automatically measure and record in a seamless process that provide uniform, traceable data reports. Measurements are displayed on a screen, stored in the computer and may be simultaneously sent to a printer, when a paper record is desired.

  • Headspace analysis of MAP packages

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