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Packaging - Pharmaceutical Industry

Due to the very low headspace requirement of the Dansensor® CheckMate 3 headspace analyser it is able to measure the residual oxygen level in many pharmaceutical products packed under protective atmosphere (e.g. nitrogen). The Dansensor CheckMate 3 with zirconia sensor only requires a 2 ml headspace in order to ensure a valid residual oxygen content.

Thus, the Dansensor CheckMate 3 is a cost-efficient alternative to the typical gas chromatographs used today in the packaging of pharmaceutical products. Typical products that can be tested with the Dansensor CheckMate 3 headspace analyser are:

  • Injection vials
  • Lyophilized vials
  • Liquid vials
  • Headspace vials
  • Pouches, for e.g. nicotine patches


  • Headspace analyser for vials

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