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On-line Quality Assurance for Modified Atmosphere Packaging Production

On-line quality control

Regular, systematic in-line testing of every package provides total output assurance to measure package integrity and management of the MAP gas blend. When installed onto a flow-wrapping machine, a single test unit interfaces with each package to measure its on-line gas composition and evaluate the targeted oxygen level.

Automatic flow control enables a packaging machine operator to adjust filling speeds without impacting the oxygen level. When combined with an automated gas flushing system, the operator is able to gain greater control over both gas mix and package filling speeds.

A fully automated in-line, all-in-one package testing and gas mix blending controller is available to measure, evaluate and adjust the MAP gas mix for each package. Greater control over each package assures that each package has an optimum gas mix. In addition to providing package-to-package uniformity, the seamless package measurement and precision gas adjustment process assures a more efficient gas usage with a corresponding cost savings.

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MAP testing options for thermoformed packages

On-line gas monitoring equipment tests two critical areas for assuring quality in MAP packages. In the first analysis, measurement is made to check the actual oxygen or oxygen and carbon dioxide gas blend put into thermoformed packages and tray sealers. Secondly, the reading reveals air leaks within each package. These leaks are typically caused by faulty maintenance or misalignment of dies or sealing heads on thermoforming and tray sealing machinery.

MAP package measurement tests are performed on-line during both the vacuum and injection process without causing disruption or delay.

  • On-line quality assurance for MAP production

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