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When a MOCON Europe (Dansensor) Service Point or Workshop has calibrated a Dansensor product, the customer is guaranteed a product that lives up to our specifications as long as the calibration certificate is valid. This is usually a period of 1 year. After 1 year the product has to be recalibrated.

For calibration we use the best certified gasses from well-known gas suppliers in order to meet our high standards. All Dansensor tools are also calibrated once a year.

Our certificates live up to the ISO-9000 standard.

In order to ensure the customer’s workflow, we carry out fast and effective service and calibration on all products. The customer will most likely receive the product back after less than 7 or max 7 work days.

In order to ensure that the customers’ products are calibrated regularly, MOCON Europe (Dansensor) offers calibration contracts. This service gives the owner of a product the possibility to receive a service letter/notice reminding him automatically that the respective product needs to be calibrated.

After having received a calibration notice, the customer can either ship his instrument to his Service Point or make an appointment with a Service Point engineer for on site calibration of the product.

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