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Think Fresh - Think Different

If you want to stay ahead in today’s competitive food market, you have to think different. Consumers are very picky with the products they choose. They want their products to be fresh and delicious. They want them to be clean and without any additives. And of course they want the price to be competitive with rest of the market.

Keep up the high quality

Now you might argue that high quality cannot be combined with low price. But if you think different price and quality could easily work together. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) will keep your products fresh for a longer time and increase the shelf life in the food store. Increasing your products shelf life will also minimize your waste. So there you go – high quality and lower production costs walk hand in hand.

Airtight does it

Modified Atmosphere Packaging only works in a complete airtight space. So you have to make sure your packages are completely closed and have no leaks. Even the tiniest little leak will destroy the MAP and your product will loose the prolonged shelf life. How will you know if your packages are airtight or if they have leaks? A simple leak test will solve this problem. But make sure you choose a dry leak testing method so you don’t have to throw away the tested packages. You do not want any unnecessary waste. Especially as this will only mean extra production costs. With a leak test based on a dry-testing method you can test your entire production on-line – instead of only samples. This takes your production up a step from quality control to quality assurance. Quality assurance is the trigger that gives you a stable high quality production, satisfied customers and a good night’s sleep.

No additives allowed

You can of course choose to increase your products shelf life with additives. But trust me, additives are so last season with today’s health conscious consumers.

They want a clean product. Additives will make them think you have something to hide.

By using MAP you can offer the customers products that are as natural and untouched as possible – but still fresh and delicious after weeks on the shelf. No additives needed. 

Rumor has it…

If you can produce a high quality product, keep it fresh and still be able to keep a competitive price level, you stand a good chance of positioning your product on ‘the top shelf’ so to speak. In today’s digital world rumors of a great product will spread faster than you can say ‘quality control’. So why not make sure you don’t have to think about quality control at all. If all the packages in your production are tested on-line you have quality assurance and you don’t have to worry about leaky packages and unsatisfied customers any more. Happy customers recommending your product is actually the best marketing money can buy.

But all this equipment doesn’t come for free you might say. True, you have to invest some money in this technology. But please notice that I say you have to invest – not spend money on new equipment for MAP, leak testing and quality control. The money you invest will quickly be returned:

  • In reduced waste due to increased shelf life

  • Fewer discarded products due to dry-testing

  • Automated process which will free man power in the production

  • You are less likely to have product recalls with quality assurance

  • And most important of all you will have more satisfied customers. And they might even spread the rumor that your products are high quality.
  • MAP packed products

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